Take my picture

Take my picture, documentary by Garage Magazine feat Tim Blanks, Phil Oh, Suziebubble

I remember back in 2007 when Tommy first started out JakandJil, it was so fresh and full of surprises. Together with The Sartorialist and Garance Dore who had a totally different point of view from which Tommy saw street style… it was such an exciting time. While Scott still consistently posts season after season, Tommy’s diverged onto other things (Tommy World on, for instance). Even though the content is just as good, diversity blurs identity and direction; bloggers have moved on to do far more than just post photos of fashion week. Also now that there’re 1000000 bloggers and street fashion photographers, it just makes the whole thing excessively OTT beyond obsession.


the less crowded les Tuileries, 2007 (JakandJil)

I use to run another blog in my high school to university transition years… I had some friends who were obsessed about fashion as I was (it was a time when Uniqlo, H&M had not arrived in Singapore, and Yohji/CdG/MMM were totally out of reach) so when we travelled to Japan, Hong Kong or Shanghai there was a bit of a mad rush to get everything we could get our hands on, especially the Uniqlo designer collection (remember Jil Sander and Alexandre Plokhov?) It was an epoch of great excitement and anticipation for fashion because so much was yet to be known or seen. Like Phil Oh mentioned, it was a time when les Tuileries were empty… before Balmain’s ‘Michael Jackson tribute‘ SS 2009 collection, before Phoebe Philo’s Céline became such a great hit around the world circa 2010. Since China’s great capitalist revolution, the emergence of social media, the dynamics of the fashion world have changed. No longer is couture exclusively for the aristocrat and super-rich, no longer is luxury so rare; perhaps fashion has lost its lustre and mystery.

Fashion fatigue? Maybe. Being out-of-reach is sometimes way more mysterious and exciting; winning the all-access pass just means it’s time to move on…

balmain f09 celine-spring-2010-ad-campaign-120110-3

Balmain ad campaign SS 2009; Céline ad campaign SS 2010


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